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Brief introduction of PVC soft rubber products

Brief introduction of pvc soft rubber products

In our daily life, we often use PVC soft rubber products. Sometimes we don't know what materials we use. We just feel that the products are soft and bright. So what are the PVC soft rubber products in life? Some of the trademarks on shoes and clothes that we usually use are made of PVC soft rubber. They are also common on bags, such as trademark plates and zippers on briefcases or laptop bags. We wear them in summer. The sandals are also made of pvc soft rubber material; the rubber label used on the bicycle soft wheel; there are some cartoon keychain soft rubber ornaments promotional gifts, many companies design the cartoon image as a keychain, and above Have their own company logo, contact phone number, address, etc. to be given to customers, invisibly play a role in advertising. PVC soft rubber products are a good choice for enterprises as advertising gifts.

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the hardware equipment of pvc soft rubber products has also made great progress. The oven, the automatic dispensing machine, the dumping machine, the multi-head clamping machine and other hardware machines have been successively introduced, from the original single labor. Intensive manual work turns to scientific and automated. It has laid the premise foundation for the extensive development of pvc soft rubber products, and has been applied to more and more industries, with a wide range of products. Such as car mat, refrigerator stickers, soft luggage tag, soft plastic photo frame, pvc soft plastic phone holder, pvc soft rubber coaster, micro-injection U disk shell (soft plastic U disk shell) watch band, wrist band, mobile phone strap Etc., PVC soft rubber products have evolved from the original single style to the current style. Each PVC soft rubber product reflects the classic and integrates the wisdom of the developers. The latest PVC soft rubber products include PVC soft rubber bookmarks, PVC soft rubber key sets, PVC soft rubber seat belt buckles, and PVC soft rubber charms. PVC soft rubber products have the characteristics of strong three-dimensionality, soft and comfortable, beautiful and durable. It is a fashion product integrating environmental protection, decoration and practicality. PVC soft plastic crafts are suitable for advertising gifts and promotional gifts because of their high quality and low price, low development cost and diversity of development styles. For example, many auto 4S shops have customized car mats for car owners and friends. Many restaurants And the hotel has made a coaster, with the name of the store and the slogan, not only practical, but also helps to establish the image of the company. At present, PVC soft rubber products are developing rapidly in the world, and the foreign trade market is broad. Merchants and friends from all over the world are optimistic about the novelty, cuteness, uniqueness and cheapness of PVC soft rubber products, which are used by advertisers to give advertising gifts to customers or potential. client.

Now, what kind of gifts are you using to make a promotional gift? PVC soft rubber products will be your most desirable choice. You can make any shape and size you want, make your products unique and individual, and have the advantages of rich color, no color loss, low development cost, and short development cycle. PVC soft rubber products will be your preferred advertising promotional gifts.

Soft rubber charms are mainly made of pvc soft rubber materials, all kinds of cartoon doll ornaments, soft rubber ornaments meet export standards, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and have beautiful appearance, vivid colors, strong three-dimensional effect, clear and natural patterns, texture Soft, light-resistant, sweat-resistant, freeze-resistant, anti-friction, anti-aging, non-fading, not afraid of water. Can do stereo and flat effects, or double-sided logo. The specifications of soft rubber hangings are generally 40*60mm, and the weight is 9g. The specific proofing products can be opened according to customer's requirements. It is mainly used for mobile phone gift accessories, luggage accessories, pull head ornaments, etc. , gifts, accessories and other product accessories.

The customer orders process, the customer provides the design drawings, we make the mold engineering drawings according to the customer's design drawings, after the customer confirms the mold engineering, the mold proofing, the sample confirmation, the production of large goods. 

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