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Keychain as a gift of several values

In the mid-1990s, the domestic keychain gift market began to emerge, and the original keychain was simply a combination of simple buckles and buckles. With the sustained and rapid development of the national economy, China's keychain gifts have gradually moved to the world. Today's keychain gifts have undergone earth-shaking changes. The level of consumer demand for keychain gifts is constantly increasing, and the value reflects its original use and function. Improve the personality, psychological value, and enjoy the promotional effect brought by the keychain gift.


First, the use value: to achieve the product portfolio of promotional keychain gifts, reflecting the use value, this is the most basic requirements of the keychain gift. Keychain gifts must meet the practical needs of consumers in order to enhance the taste and achieve higher levels of personality and even psychological value. In order to realize the use value of the keychain gift, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the product, to make it convenient for the public to use, and to be in line with the market orientation, to achieve environmental protection and systematization. For example, all the equipment in the modern office system needs a customized LOGO. In terms of design, it is necessary to consider the location and size of the LOGO of the keychain.


Second, the functional value: the functional needs of consumers is an extension of the use value of office space, breaking through the functional value can realize the humanistic concept. The modern keychain gift has a great development compared with the traditional keychain function concept. Therefore, the modern keychain gift type, scale and structure must be compatible with new technologies and new equipment to ensure the realization of its functions. The thoughtful keychain gift is designed to make people work comfortably and conveniently, and to enhance the taste.


Third, the personality value: In order to achieve the individual needs of consumers, the keychain gift has a higher level of requirements, you can use business functions to highlight the corporate personality and achieve brand value. Show the strength of the company, create a business atmosphere, consumers can truly feel the corporate culture.


Fourth, psychological value: let customers enjoy the pleasure of accepting keychain gifts, which has always been the pursuit of keychain manufacturers. Consumers' emotional needs and psychological feelings can be adjusted through keychain gifts. The partition arrangement, as well as the color treatment of the light, strive to form a pleasant, natural environment gift, changing the stereotype of the traditional keychain and making it dynamic. The wholehearted service concept and high-grade products contain the manufacturer's artistic information and cultural language to realize the brand belief.

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