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Customized keychain LOGO design points

When the PVC keychain is customized, LOGO is an important part. What are the main points of the keychain LOGO design?


One. Simple and simple


Beautiful and complicated keychain LOGO, if you can't understand what it means to express, this keychain LOGO will fail, so when we design the keychain LOGO, from the customer's point of view, it is relatively simple, easy to remember, also It can express meaning and color is simple, so it looks very comfortable.


Two. Clear and clear


The design of the keychain LOGO cannot conflict with the overall VI design. When designing the keychain LOGO, it needs to incorporate the company's concept, product features, etc. A keychain LOGO that does not match the VI design can not reflect the company or The company's products, such a keychain LOGO is not very clear, no value.


three. Unique


The unique keychain LOGO design is the best, different market areas, your design keychain LOGO can make people understand that this is a certain company's products. Of course, the company's keychain LOGO designer, can not blindly pursue the unique and take the extreme design route.


Four. No need to explain


If you design the keychain LOGO and need to explain to the customer what it means for a long time, it is a tragedy. At this point, you need to re-examine the keychain LOGO is a good reflection of the company. It is best to see the design concept at a glance, to express the meaning or to associate more information.


Fives. Can you cooperate with the application of enterprise VI?


In the design of the keychain LOGO, it is necessary to consider the requirements of the VI design. Another point to note is the application aspect. If your keychain LOGO is only suitable for your computer, but it is not clear what is on the business card, this is a failed design. When designing, we need to consider whether it will affect the visual effect of the keychain LOGO when it is printed in black and white, in newspapers, or on ordinary A4 paper.


Design is an art, a profound topic, and every place is full of mystery. As a designer, there is still a long way to go.

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